Our Story

From burning custard to winning awards

Discover your best

‘Discover your best’ not only applies to you; our customers, it also drives the way we work. Our attention to detail, our relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, our website, it is in our every move.

We want the use of Burnt Custard products to allow you to discover your best and be the best that you can be, our garments technology can get you to your personal best.

We make the highest quality base layers from the finest fabrics, which are all 100% manufactured in Britain to create the most technologically advanced base layers. Every seam and stitch is monitored so that our garments make you feel amazing, look great and ultimately help you discover your best.

Our story

“Passion overcomes everything because when you truthfully love something, it’s hard to stop you from doing it and it’s hard to stop you from doing your best at it.” This is what Mark McMorris, competitive snowboarder said and we totally get that. And it is this idea that breathes life into the way we work. We love what we do and we want everyone who wants to get out there and run, swim, surf, ride or ski to have the opportunity to discover their best and to do it comfortably, enjoying the ride.

Don’t burn the custard

Before we started Burnt Custard, we were two guys funding our lives on a ski season by selling T-shirts around Le Deux Alpes. Like a lot of the friends we met out there we spent most of our money on Après, and we have far too many happy memories from those times to recount. A lot of those memories were made huddled around the kitchen table, broke and without a cookbook, we probably didn’t have the best diet and survived by eating bananas and custard. Ever tried it?! It’s awesome and still our favourite, as long as you don’t burn the custard. Which we did. Often. There you go, Burnt Custard was born.

Earning the custard

Burnt Custard and the idea for our business was born on the slopes. Endgame in sight Ash went off to university and then on to work for the UK's biggest outdoor retailers, eventually taking a senior position as Head of Business Improvement. Chris honed his skills in product and fabric creation and product development, following a similar path to his family. We became the experts.

In fact, Chris’ dad, Kevin, who had recently retired from sportswear manufacturing, was so convinced by the business plan that he jumped on board, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in manufacturing. We’d like to say he was lured in by the pay cheque but the reality is that all we could afford back then were a few pints and a packet of crisps on a Friday night. 

With Kevin on board by the motivation of a Friday night pint. It allowed us to keep Burnt Custard simmering away, continuing with our day jobs and working evenings and weekends on Burnt Custard, sourcing fabrics and testing them with the strictest quality control we could establish. We had our set up in the glamorous premises of Kev’s shed, where we spent winter evenings making and printing base layers. We are eternally grateful for the way he gave up his man cave to provide us with our first factory, pushing aside his tools and equipment as we needed more and more space. (Kevin, you’re nothing short of a legend).

All this work brought us to the point where we were manufacturing the highest quality base layers, all made in Britain, which is key to our ethos. We could have easily sourced our fabrics overseas but we were really interested in being the best and doing our bit for the environment, we searched the country high and low to ensure we were sourcing amazing quality from within the UK, so keeping our manufacturing miles down.

Burnt Custard

We worked hard to get to where we are now, holding down multiple jobs whilst keeping the Burnt Custard dream alive and raising standards until we were completely happy with the range. We’ll always want to be better.

Fast forward to 2017 and we are now proud winners of the Slide Award for best software (clothing) product (Slide is the UK trade show aimed at action sport and streetwear retailers), and we are recognised by the top sporting governing bodies and industry, such as the Snowsport Industries of Great Britain (SIGB).

We are also proud to be sponsoring one of our favourite athletes, Jamie Nicholls, the number one slopestyle snowboarder and Olympic finalist. We showed him our products and he fell in love with both the base layers and the ethos of our brand straight away. Now of course he’s never on the slopes without wearing a Burnt Custard base layer.

It has been a whirlwind but we’ve made it. Over time the Burnt Custard product has evolved. Product testing, customer research and new technology have all played a part in what you see now. But we never slow down. We are constantly working on our range for the next season, whether that involves new styles, new fabrics or new colours and prints. We are committed to producing the very best base layers.

Layer on top of that the customer experience, we are determined to make buying with us straightforward, fun and informative. Our website is full of the information you need to choose the right garment and fit and as well as our standard range you have an opportunity to design your own base layer using our unique UCustom tool, choosing the colours that represent you and make you feel your best. Follow that up with fast delivery, customer service excellence and specialist knowledge, and you have Burnt Custard.


Burnt Custard #discoveryourbest.


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