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Making British Base Layers

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After reuniting as team BC in 2015 we one goal, to produce the very best in technical fashion base layers & clothing.

With a background in manufacturing we knew the possibilities of foreign manufacturing options including China, Pakistan, Portugal and many more. But what about the heritage we have right here in the UK.

Keeping the most important objectives, environment, quality, style & technical at the heart of our decision making we decided to keep it close to home.


With a strong culture of fabric manufacturing around the Midlands and in the North of the UK, we set out on our journey and contacted some the worlds best fabric manufactures in order to achieve our dream. With a spec sheet in hand we sampled hundreds of different fabrics from over 25 suppliers. After rigorous testing we were eventually in a position to commission the production of fabric in the heart of the East Midlands. This would be what we are proud to call Meryl Microfiber which today makes up over 90% of our collection.

British Base Layer Fabric Manufacturing


Not only did we want the best in technical base layers and clothing. We also wanted to bring some different to market in terms of exciting look and feel. Our baser layers and mid layers dont just perform from a technical sand point but they also have to make people look and feel there very best no matter what they are doing. Today's collections consists of technical prints that cant be found anywhere else, as well as our high octane bright contrasting colours & not forgetting our collections that consist of carefully selected more low key muted colours.

girl running out of the sea in BC rash vest


Our 100% British made Meryl Microfibre is arguably as soft as Merino Wool and Cashmere. Whilst offering a far higher level of technical capabilities than Merino. Compression levels from 1-3 aiding muscle recovery, UVA & UVB protection, moisture wicking as well as being full breathable & thermo climatic yarns to help regulate body temperature to the optimum for the highest level of performance. On top of all that we then went the extra mile to make sure it can be used in & out of water. So you have a rash vest in the summer a thermal in the winter or just something for everyday fitness. 

technical meryl microfiber base layer fabric


Being environmentally friendly is not just about recycling, using natural fibres or shopping organic. A lot of the time you will find all these buzz words sound good but actually the process involved to make fabrics out of recycled plastic or taking natural fibres from animals or plants the carbon footprint is huge. Mostly this is down to the amount miles travelled by plane, train and road to produce these fabrics. We have pushed boundy's, we have stayed away from all these great marketing buzz words and have kept it very simple with only 150 total manufacturing miles. Many recycled yarns or natural Merino will travel 100,000's of miles before its a garment that is ready to be sent to the consumer. So we may not be able to associate our selves with a well recognised recycled logo or stamp our box's with certified organic. Deep down we know we are doing far more for the environment with our style of manufacturing than many others. Lets do our bit to keep the snow snowing, the water flowing and the trees green for generations to come.

mountains with snow


We decided to use UK manufacturing for a few simple reasons, quality, environment & the customer experience we can deliver. In 2015 we persuaded Chris' Dad Kev out of retirement. with over 40 years clothing manufacturing experience he was the perfect go to guy to help us get our first samples into production. whilst working 6 jobs between us to fund the BC dream we cleared out "Kev's Shed" bought some second hand machinery and set Kev to work in his shed. As much as we dont use "Kev's Shed" today, its still remains standing and will always make part of history. We now have a fully equipped manufacturing facility producing the highest quality base layers being sold world wide.

BC first manufacturing facility


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