Base Layer Tech


At Burnt Custard we are extremely proud of the fabric that we have chosen for our base layers. We have managed to source some of the most technical and high quality fabric to hit the base layer market. The bonus is that it is manufactured right her in the UK. We can’t praise this fabric enough, we love it and we are certain that you will too.


MERYL® is a performance polyamide fabric. It has a natural look and feel, it is ideal for lightweight garments in direct contact with the skin and controls the skin's moisture, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of perspiration on the body.

The fabric's particular compactness increases protection from UVA and UVB rays, making it the ideal partner for long training sessions under the sun or in the snow.

The qualities of this fabric ensure exceptional wear ability while leaving the muscles free to move.

At the same time offering the compression required to aid recovery and keep your muscles firm.


The fineness of the Meryl® Microfiber (less than 10 microns) ensures an exceptional handle, as a second skin effect.


The fineness of the fibres offers Burnt Custard garments an extreme lightness; the lightness sensation is also created by the low specific weight of Meryl® Microfiber that is an incredible 25% less than cotton. fabric_3

Meryl® Microfiber has a high capacity for moisture absorption and ensures a balance between the ambient humidity and that of the optimum body temperature.

Sports and casual garments made from Meryl® Microfiber protect the wearer against the cooling effect of the body moisture evaporation.

Meryl® Microfiber is easy to care: washable, quickness of drying (3 times quicker than cotton with the same weight).


This premium synthetic fibre was developed and from its inception Meryl equalled the touch and comfort of the best natural fibres. Over 60 years of innovation later Meryl remains the premium synthetic fibre of choice but with an array of designed-in performance properties.

Even what you may refer to as 'standard' Meryl yarns have been designed to meet and exceed the specific needs demanded by the user. Meryl truly is the best of both worlds, the fantastic comfort of natural fibres with endless possibilities to tailor it to the needs of the future.


  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fully breathable
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • 4 - way stretch
  • Compression
  • Multi sport properties
  • Antibacterial

Superior Stretch and Recovery

With its inherent stretch, Meryl works with elastomers to give a more comfortable overall stretch to fabrics.


Meryl has an excellent inherent elastic recovery, (without any elastomer). Garments return to their original shape and you won’t end up with sagging or bagging meaning the garment stays looking new.

Excellent moisture management

Probably the single-most important feature of any fabric used in sportswear. Meryl fibres are hydrophobic, meaning they have a very low affinity for water and dry quickly. However, their ability to absorb a small amount of moisture (around 4.5% of their mass) ensures that skin stays feeling dry.

UV Protection

The stretching of a fabric during the use, perspiration or water during use affect the sun protection factor. Meryl can reach UPF 80 of the UV 801 Standard.

Inherent Oder Control

Meryl yarns naturally inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria in textiles.

That’s why Burnt Custard choose Meryl.



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