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Union Jack, Best of British
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Jack Daniel Peters

Jack Daniel Peters
22nd January 2017 Ashbriscoe1986

Age: 22

Discipline: Adaptive Ski Racing – Slalom

Home Town: Newcastle & Sunderland (bit of a mixed mongrel)

Where are you based: Stubai, Austria

Which Club/Team do you belong too “ChillFactorE Racing” and “ParaSnowsports GB”

Favourite Beach: Santa Monica beach, an awesome summer training venue

Favourite Resort: A really old school Italian resort call Frais

Beer or Wine: Beer

Jager or Sambuca: Jager any day of the week (who likes Sambuca really!)

How did you get into your sport: After a long break from skiing following being diagnosed with bone cancer as a teenager, I decided that I could not let my sister have all the fun ski racing! So I decided to teach myself how to ski on One leg during the time that I would normally spectate Emma during her weekly training session at the local Snowdome.

What activities do you do outside of your sport: I recently just finished my university studies, so I decided to run away from the real world and live my dreams for those that can’t! Away from skiing, I love anything that make you feel that your living life to the full! Traveling seeing the world & meeting new people, Mountain biking, and recently I went over to the darkside of snowboarding.

Plans or goals for 2016: Well 2016 is a foundation building year, In terms of building strength, endurance & technique in the lead up to the 2018 Paralympics. I have already achieved my first goal of the season in qualifying for Europa Cup Slalom! So the next big goal is qualifying for World Cup Slalom by the end of the season, and gaining more experience in the Speed disciplines Super G & Downhill to qualify for Europa Cup. This has made it a very exciting season so far!!!