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How to save a pound or two this winter.

How to save a pound or two this winter.
26th December 2015 Ashbriscoe1986

Resort & Flights

Choosing the right resort and flights can be tricky as there are plenty to choose from. The best advice we can give from our 20+ years experience is to stay away from the big overpriced resorts that all the tour operators want to push you too. With a bit of careful searching great snow and slopes can be found, some of our most amazing trips have been in the lesser known resorts such as Pas de la Casa in Andorra and Borovets in Bulgaria. These are just two options that will give you fantastic skiing and great night life, however be prepared the resorts are not as pretty as some of the well known Austrian and French resorts. But who cares as long as we can have fun and ski.


Lift pass

The great thing about some of the resorts mentioned is their lift passes are always far cheaper than the bigger resorts, however if you do find yourself in one of the larger ski areas with lots of linked resorts always think twice about buying that area pass. Think about who you are with and how far you will actually adventure as it always seems exciting to visit every area on the piste map, however in reality there’s always plenty to do with a local pass. If you are anything like us and start to wake up a little late with a hangover or want to get back for happy hour you often find you won’t venture as far as you think. If you do fancy a day further afield you can upgrade your pass for that day.


Eating and drinking

Gobbling and boozing can tend to be expensive in any resort, but there is always plenty of places you can find to eat and drink at reasonable prices. You might find that there aren’t on the main street of the resort but always ask the seasonnaires, they always know the cheapest and best places to eat and drink. Don’t get ragged into the obvious high street bars and restaurants, you will have far more fun off the main drag. The make the biggest saving don’t eat on the mountain, every mountain has some of the best views in the world; pack some sarnies and a few beers, just sit and enjoy the view.



This is similar to the eating drinking scenario, there are lots of expensive hotels and chalets but ask yourself how much time you will spend in your accommodation. It’s only there to provide the bed and to refresh, get yourself away from the expensive options and sniff out the small and independents who will make you feel at home and give you better service and advice. Use airbnb in your search, there are some great options at affordable prices.



This is one of the reasons we formed Burnt Custard, we became sick and tired of paying a fortune for good kit. If you aren’t careful you can spend more on gear than the rest of the holiday put together. We set out to create the same quality with the same technical aspects but without breaking the bank. There’s some things you have to buy, however skis and boards are not one of them. The hire kit available at resorts has come on leaps and bounds and is as good as anything you could buy yourself but without the hassle and expense of lugging it through an airport and paying to put it on the plane. By searching online you will always find discount codes for in resort ski hire, with hire you can always change throughout the week if you want to board or upgrade the kit you’ve hired.


Just one or two tips to help you save a pound or two on your next trip.


Have fun,

The Burnt Custard Crew