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High Praise From Snow Magazine!

Sit back and let the plaudits role in from Snow magazine

Not really, we all work really hard at Burnt Custard but we wanted to let you all know how good our skins are. That’s not just us saying that but other people too.
Check out the attached review from Snow magazine, which we’re proud of. We scored almost maximum in all categories.

This is the right skin if you:
– Like snow
– Like water
– Like sport
– Like fun
– Like the best performing technical clothing!

In the words of a famous soft drink “try it you might like it, what’s the worst that can happen?”
Remember we give you performance in and out of water, on the hill, in the cold, in the heat and most other places*. We think this gives us the edge.
The extra thickness and weight is designed for ultimate compression performance and giving you comfort in its performance.
Purchase the Custard Skin here:

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