Get Fit for the Mountains!

Our resident PT and expert skier William Thraves stopped by Burnt Custard HQ to chat to Phil to give us a good pasting and some advice to get us in shape for the hill. Followed by some leftover turkey.

With the excesses or Christmas evident for us all to see Billy gave us one clear message be ambitious but design a routine that gives as much as time as possible before heading out; 6 weeks if we can!

Focus on 3 key areas, he said…:

Cardiovascular exercise

Build extra cardio in to your routine to increase your VO2 max and overall fitness to prepare for the full day shred on little sleep 😉


One HIIT session per week, and alternate, they’re both killers!

Always warm up for at least 10 minutes before undertaking any HIIT or aerobic session

Exercise bike – Set the bike up for 20 minutes countdown on 70% max effort level. The exercise is 8 seconds full effort, 12 seconds rest (but keep the pedals turning). Repeat 60 times and that will be your 20 minutes! Walk off like John Wayne and grab some water!

Rowing machine – Set the rower up for 300m interval sessions with a 45 second rest and choose your difficulty level (0-10). 10 if you can for short bursts of effort! Repeat 10 times, this one is an absolute killer. Make sure you have maximum effort on each set and keep a consistent pace throughout!

Aerobic fitness

Stepper – 30 minutes on 60% of your max effort level

Jog – 10km jog at 60% maximum effort, try to improve your pace week on week with the same effort level

Resistance exercises

Think fitness and strength so reps not weight are more important here. Strength is important but you’ll get the intensity from building reps, try for 4 x 12 reps increasing weight when it becomes too easy. Build the following exercises into your routine, or use the below as your guide

Weighted back squats (using a rack) Side plant (45 seconds, 5x)

Box jumps (height to suit you) Body weight one-legged squats

Moving Lunges Alternate arm/leg superman

Russian twists Stability plank using med ball

Leg raises

Plank (45 seconds, 5x)

All the resistance exercises above should be incorporated into your current routine or used to create your own plan.

These are all designed to keep that core rock hard, giving you extra control of your skis and board, reduce injury and get you through the day.

Any exercises that you’re not familiar with search quickly on youtube or drop us an email!

Enjoy the rest of the festive season all!

Burnt Custard

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