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Alex Mitcheson

Alex Mitcheson
22nd January 2017 Ashbriscoe1986

Age: 29

Discipline: Surfing

Home Town: I grew up real close to Alnwick in Northumberland UK.

Where are you based: Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast Australia.

Favourite Beach: Duranbah Beach NSW. When the conditions are right this place just cranks. It’s often a foot bigger than anywhere else, the constant crowds and Brazilian contingent just make it what it is (ha ha).

Favourite Resort: Val D’Isere. Hands down fav resort. Snowsure and partys hard.

Beer or Wine: I’m starting to get into wine in a big way, french and Chilean reds particularly. Beer however will always have a place in my heart (and liver) though.

Jager or Sambuca: Jager when in the mountains/or when its cold and sambuca the rest of the time. I once mouthwashed a shot of sambucca for a full minute. It killed my tastebuds for like 3 days and I couldn’t taste any food I ate!

How did you get into your sport: Growing up in rural Northumberland surfing isn’t really a done thing! I ached for some action though and started windsurfing and water-skiing off my dads boat.

I began surfing at the age of 18 and surfed Tynemouth infrequently. At 19 I went to Sydney and took a 3 month course in surf lifesaving and windsurf instructing.

It was here I properly got into surfing and explored Sydney’s Northern beaches.

What activities do you do outside of your sport: Snowboard, ski, windsurf and have recently starting skating a bit.

Plans or goals for 2016: The goal for this year is to really push my surfing as much as possible, try new things, and perhaps some different boards.

Living in the Gold Coast of Australia means I have a good choice of surfing setups and consistency of waves. Jan-March is always better for swell too as it’s cyclone season.

Plans may extend to a trip home at some point and trying to score waves in France and the UK.