Union Jack, Best of British
Union Jack, Best of British
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About Us

Burnt Custard has been created to deliver the ultimate affordable, technical active wear. After years of being side by side in ski resorts working seasons in one fashion or another spending fortunes on over priced base layers offering the bare minimum technical ability, we decided to do it better and more unique than ever before.

With strong backgrounds in product development and the outdoor market we decided to create something a little different. Not only are we developing a brand, more importantly we creating a legacy and movement for everybody to be part of.

With our core values at heart:

  • Value for money
  • Technical ability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fashionable
  • Unique

We set about creating the Burnt Custard base layer collection. With years of research and development we now believe we have created the very best whilst staying strong to our values.

Big brands are constantly looking for the cheapest manufacturing processes in furthest flung countries with no care for quality just profit! (We won’t lie we do try to make a profit from time to time). At Burnt Custard we set about doing it differently we looked closer to home and found that UK manufacturers are offering some of the highest grade technical fabrics with the best technical attributes. After sourcing our fabrics in the Midlands we invested and built our very own manufacturing facility right here in the South West, now known as “Custard Mountain”. By going that extra mile and investing that little bit more we are able to guarantee our staff have the best working conditions and wages to match the fantastic job they are doing. On top of that we managed to cut down our manufacturing miles from in excess of 10,000 to 150 all helping to do our bit for the environment. Most importantly you know that everything you purchase from Burnt Custard has been lovingly made by the very best skilled staff and we (Founders – Chris, Ash and Phil) are constantly putting our products through the highest quality checks.


Our range of BC base layers include our own favourite colours which are available off the peg and our unique UC range. UC standing for “U Custom” the clue is in the name. UCustom allows our customers not to be forced into what we like and what our designers like but more importantly what you like. Our innovative custom base layer builder allows you to design your very own garment. With 1000s of colour combinations you can choose different coloured arms, back, chest and legs. You are now able to be seen in what you want to be seen in. The great thing is they are now more than just base layers they are items that can change and outfit and give you the confidence in every activity.

Base Layers With Bite!

If you’re like us and like to try your hand at a few different sports (we may not be great at them but we do enjoy them) why do you need to own a wardrobe full of different base layers that supposedly do different things. Why not own one or two in the colours you love that can be used across multi sports. Our base layers go from keeping you warm on the mountain to giving the UV protection needed in the water.

We haven’t stopped here and never will stop. We are constantly reinvesting in the best research and development creating new products that we hope you love as much as us.

As we said previously our goal is to create a legacy and movement as much as a brand. Please contact us with any comments, ideas or just to say Hi. We love to hear from all our customers, it kind of makes our day.


Dream Big